3 EOG Review “Games”


  1. Put students in a team of 2-6.
  2. Each team selects a leader.
  3. Teacher poses a question to the class. (Putting it up for the class or printed helps students use test taking skills such as key words, underlining, etc.) Teacher sets timer for work time.  (Good time to use the allotted time each student has per math problem on the EOG to get them used to the time.)
  4. Students will write down each answer on white boards or scrap paper.
  5. When timer buzzes—the teacher leader says, “Showdown.” The team will then compare and discuss answers.
  6. The team works together to determine one answer.
  7. Teacher calls “Class Showdown” and each team leader holds up the team’s answer on a white board.
  8. Points are given for correct answers.
  9. The team at the end with the most answers correct—WINS!


These next two games use the 4 answer multiple choice format. They are a bit structured but do not take any preparation to play.  The first game is not competitive but does give the opportunity for students to move and talk which help engagement. In addition, the teacher can formatively assess the class and individuals. The second version has a competitive spirit.


Version 1:  Travel Time

  1. Label or designate each corner of the room to a corresponding letter A, B, C or D.
  2. All students are shown a multiple choice question and given time to work the problem.
  3. Teacher calls TIME.
  4. Students are given 10 seconds to travel to an area of the room that corresponds with their answer choice.
  5. Teacher is able to assess the number of students who answer correctly and the most common incorrect answer.
  6. Teacher leads discussion with students on how to work the answer or have students defend their answers.
  7. Teacher can have students come to board or collaborate with one another to defend.


*If a high number of students are in more than one corner, pairing students across corners to come to a consensus is a good alteration of the game.


Version 2:  Please Stand Up 

  1. Students are put 4 groups.
  2. Each group is designated A, B, C or D
  3. Students are given a question with multiple choice answers.
  4. Students are given a determined amount of time to discuss and work the problem.
  5. Teacher says, “The correct answer please stand up.”
  6. If all students stand, they get a point.
  7. If anyone in another group stands—they lose a point.


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