2 More SIMPLE EOG Review Ideas

Two more SIMPLE ideas as the week progresses!

A great vocabulary idea is the SWAT IT game below. A variation of the game is to put examples of figurative language in the grid and call out the term which makes students apply their knowledge. You can also include photos or graphics that represent word meanings and call out a vocabulary term that would match it. There are many variations and simple to play.


Materials needed: 4 x 4 grid, a flyswatter

Here is a template:  4 x 4 Grid

  1. Create a 4 x 4 grid.
  2. Fill in spaces with review terms or vocabulary.
  3. Put under document camera.
  4. Divide class into two teams.
  5. Each team is given a flyswatter.
  6. Teacher asks a question and the first person to swat the correct answer wins a point for the team.
  7. The student passes the flyswatter to the next player.

Remember throwing can increase attention and lower stress chemicals in the body such as cortisol.  Watching the movement of the ball improves focus and increases engagement. Use a ball to make questioning part of review more interactive and interesting.

Question and Answer with Ball:

 Teacher begins throwing to a student.

  1. Teacher poses a question and student responses.
  2. If correct, the student throws to the next student. If incorrect, the student throws it back to the teacher.
  3. The game continues with the ball being thrown to the next person and them answering a question.

*Not a game to earn points.

Happy Reviewing!  More Ideas to come!

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