Fiction Text Structure K-2 or Remediation Students

Teaching the Big Five for K-2 allows them to see the structure of fiction text.

big five

Taking these elements and creating a Fiction Walk will help your students learn how to retell a story.  The focus for retelling for most K-2 students is on characters, setting, problem and solution which leaves off mood.  I usually replace mood for K-2 students when they are working independently and change it to Main Event.  The goal for students working independently is can they retell the elements of a story.

I take each element and laminate these together to make a chart students can actually walk across to tell the story. You can put these in sheet protectors and duct tape them together if you prefer.  Here is an example of a Fiction Walk Big Five you can download and use.

Story Maps of all kinds that reinforce the Big Five can be used. Some maps have too many elements listed for our K-2 students. Begin with the first four elements leaving off mood. After students can proficiently identify and discuss the first four elements you can add mood.

Big Five Story Map K-2

Read Write Think K-2 Interactive

 FCRR Story Elements K-2 Activities

To reinforce story elements with K-2 students–use videos!  They can really make connections and understand the concept much more easily. When you are interacting with text–they can understand what the elements look like.

A couple of my favorites

The Catch– I use this to reinforce the Big Five and to begin teaching MOOD. I have the students watch and raise their hands when they think there is a new event. I pause–we discuss and we begin to discuss how the event makes the boy feel to introduce mood. The students can begin to see when they have an action (event) it causes a mood in the character.

Dangle– I use this to discuss basic story elements but a great video to discuss predictions–What will happen? You can also talk begin to talk about character traits. What character traits does the man show? Explain.

Lighthouse-I stop this video about every 30-45 seconds and go through the Big Five element by element. Then we watch all the way through. Lots of places to discuss-setting, characters, great problem and solution. You can really connect mood to the events in this video.







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